Ohayoo (English)

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Ohayoo is an application to record and declare your future plans and intentions.

By declaring them aloud, you can accurately ingrain what your intentions are in your mind, and listening to them makes it easier for you to fulfill your intentions. What you record is available to others. By making your intentions accessible to others, you become more motivated to achieve them. Your declaration is categorized into the following: studies, exercises, creations, works, reading, going, buying, resting, playing, and others. You can listen to other users’ declarations in each category. You can also bookmark your favorite declarations by clicking the star next to them which will be bookmarked under “Cheers”. By clicking the star, the access to the newest declaration by that user becomes really simple. When you bookmark a declaration, we recommend that you write a message to encourage the user. Messages are accessible by other users including the user who posted the declaration. Users can check the categorized declaration rankings by the users who bookmarked them.

Once you fulfill your intentions, you can record the results of your achievements and report to the users who supported you, or you can simply look back on what you achieved. It will help you brush-up on planning your intentions for the following day.

You can set an alarm for a scheduled declaration time or reflection time. It might be a good idea to declare what your intentions are for the day after you wake up and look back on what you have achieved before you go to bed.

price: free  compatibility: iOS 7.1 and later versions; iPhone and iPod touch compatible


1. for studies for students and students preparing for exams
Let’s declare how much you are intending to study or what questions you are intending to solve today. After achieving what you intended to do, let’s report it or reflect back. You can use this application as a pace setter for your studies. If you share it with your friends, you can check on each others’ progress. You can also share it with your teacher and receive advice.

2. for reading
Let’s declare the title of the book or the amount you intend to read today. You can use this application as a pace setter for your reading. After reading, let’s share your thoughts. You can listen to the thoughts of others and use them as references for your next book.

3. for dieting through exercise
Let’s declare how much exercise you are planning to do today. This application can be used to raise your motivation. Let’s report the results (such as your weight and body fat percentage). You can share it with your friends and have fun while continuing to exercise.

4. for creating
Let’s share the process of creation such as writing a book or producing something. This application will let you show off or help improve the quality of your creation.

5. for holding an event
Let’s share the details of an event you are holding or a get-together of a hobby group. After the event, let’s show appreciation for the people who supported you by recording their messages for you.

6. for shopping
Let’s record items on today’s shopping list. It will prevent you from forgetting what to buy. When you bought something interesting, let’s report what you found.

7. for traveling
Let’s declare your travel plan for today. When you arrive at your destination, let’s report. It will be the record of your travel. You can also reassure the family members who are staying at home. Please contact us below if you have any questions.

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